The yellow that explodes. Yellow does not enjoy “good press” – However it explodes in many flowers. And it is the color of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. I like that yellow. I always remember a young brunette, years ago, who was dancing Caribbean sones, alone in the crowd, at a wedding party. Her dress was yellow and burst like in this photograph, as in these flowers, and her skirt fluttered to the sound of her hips. His shoulders, dark, naked, contrasted with that bright yellow. I do not know why but I remember her in her sensuality and beauty for that strong, lively yellow dress.
Buenos Aires and La Plata
Journalist. Writer of journalism. Critic of art, culture and cinema. Photograph of D’Auteur in Female Nude in Situation of Daily Life

I lost my lens cap..


“But if I hadn’t fallen, I wouldn’t have met you.”
~ Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

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Autor: Amilcar Moretti

AMILCAR MORETTI: Escritor, periodista y fotógrafo Sitio web central: ERÓTICA DE LA CULTURA Desde el 2010. Buenos Aires. Mi mail: Escritor de periodismo y fotógrafo de desnudo femenino en situación cotidiana.Crítico de cultura, cine, arte y sociología de lo cotidiano durante cuatro décadas en el diario EL DIA ( de la Argentina. Creador en el 2010, autor y titular del sitio ERÓTICA DE LA CULTURA magazine de cultura, erótica y política. Blog complementario: htpps:// AMILCAR MORETTI Writer, journalist and photographer Central website: EROTICA OF CULTURE Since 2010. Buenos Aires. Mail: Journalism writer. Female nude photographer in an everyday situation. Critic of culture, cinema, art and sociology of the everyday for four decades in the newspaper EL DIA ( of Argentina. Creator in 2010, author and owner of the site ERÓTICA DE LA CULTURA magazine of culture, erotic and politics. Complementary blog: htpps://

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